[2020/09: Update]
This project is a continuation of Mothra.
I'm starting a novel NURBS-based form-finding method for tension-compression mixed type shells.
The basic idea was discovered when I was working for SOM (US).

The codes are provided in the form of a Grasshopper script.
The scripts do not run alone; they require Sho, a numerical library developed by Microsoft Research.
The download link is no longer working, and I attempted to contact the persons in charge, but no one has responded.
So, I decided to make the installation package available from this site.
Sho download (download from this site)
Recently, I found a still-alive link to the installer.
[Sho download](download from MS research)
There are different versions, I assume, but any of them work.

Once Sho is installed, there should be a folder containing matrixinterf.dll and ShoArray.dll.
In each Grasshopper script, there is a C# component says "KINGGHIDORAH V1" that needs to reference those two DLLs.
Drag and Drop the two DLLs to the left box in this dialog, and you are all set! The script should work.

To run those codes, approx. 1Gb memory is consumed, meaning 8GB or greater RAM is recommended. The GH defs are self-contained and do not require any specific .3dm file to run.

00 Candela

GH definition (continuous/nonlinear iteration support/requires Sho)

01 Star

GH definition (continuous/nonlinear iteration support/requires Sho)

02 Shamrock (discrete+smooth hybrid)

GH definition (continuous/nonlinear iteration support/requires Sho)

03 Amancio William's umbrella shell

in collaboration with Chris Williams (Chalmers University of Technology)
c.f. Amancio Williams' umbrella shell(ArchiDaily)
GH definition (continuous/nonlinear iteration support/requires Sho)